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I am an experienced portrait photographer, with a large customer base between Geneva and Zurich. Working with high end studio equipment in my photo studio in Rolle, I am also able to take your visa pictures and portraits work at your location with the same equipment and quality. I can deliver your pictures in any format for your press and communication requirements. I’m a big fan of Photoshop and Lightroom.

Service, service, service

On demand and at no extra charge I will keep track of all your visa and passport pictures. I am highly specialized and known with all the requirements in producing visa and passport pictures. India visa photo, Russian visa photo, Chinese visa photo, Africain visa photo, UK passport pictures, US passport pictures, Canadian passport pictures, German passport pictures, French passport pictures.

Invoicing as you wish, by department or foreign adres. Flexible payment options: credit cards, paypal, on term.


If you are running a small operation or if you’re part of a large Corporation, do not hesitate to contact me. For me that counts is customer satisfaction and high quality. I’m thankfull of working regulairy for the following companies: Losinger Marazzi SA, SC Johnson Europe, Honeywell Europe, Omnicom Zurich, Cisco, Nissan Europe, Manpower: HR Tradeshow Zurich, HR Tradeshow Geneve, Petit Forestier, PPG, Ineos, Global Blue Merck group, Biosafe, GE and more to come.

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